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Note: tabular data not displayed on mobile devices

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1 Call National Coverage:

We have comprehensive service provider coverage in the following regions:

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Port Elizabeth.

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Scope of Works:

Access & Surveillance Installation Guttering: Seamless & Aluminium
Aerial & Antennae Installations Handymen
Air-conditioning Installations Irrigation Systems
Aluminium Door installers Kitchens renovations
Aluminium window installers Laminate floor installations
Architects & Project Management Laminate Flooring
Asphalt & Tar Installation Landscaping
Awnings, Canopies, Shading & Carports Locksmiths
Bathroom Renovations Painting Contractors
Borehole & Well-points Installation Paving Contractors
Braai building and installation Perimeter Wall Spikes & Security
Building Additions Plasterers
Building Alterations Plumbers
Building Contractors Pool Contractors
Building renovations Roofing & Roof Tile Contractors
Built-in Cupboards Rubble Removal
Carpenters Security System Installation
Carports & Shading Shower Door Installation
Conservatories & Sunrooms Spa, Jacuzzi & Jetted Baths
Drain & Sewer Cleaning Stainless Steel Installation
Electrical Appliance Repairs Steel Balustrades
Electrical Contractors Thatching & Gazebos
Fencing & Perimeter Security Tilers: Floor & Wall
Fireplace Installation Timber Decks, Stairs & Balustrades
Fishponds & Rock Features Tree Felling& Stump Removal
Floor Sanding Water & Damp Proofing
Flooring: Wooden & Laminated installation Water Features
Garage Door Installation & Automation White Appliance Repairs
Gate Installation & Automation Wooden Floor Installations
General contractors Wrought Iron: Fences & Gates

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Quote Request Confirmation:

Within two hours of your quotation request, we will mail you to confirm the quotation request details you have submitted and provide you with our internal reference order ID. Please ensure this number is quoted in all correspondence regarding this project.

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Quotation Follow Up:

As with our insurance clients, following up to ensure the prompt delivery of quotations is an essential component of our service. We will communicate by email (in most instances) in this regard.

All quotations are submitted to 1 Call to ensure the groups pricing ethics have been adhered to, and your referral commissions are included where specified.

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Payment Procedures:

For smaller repair and maintenance projects up to approximately R 20,000.

Once the selected contractor’s quotation has been accepted by your landlord, the following payment procedure ensures all parties are protected and satisfaction is delivered:

Unless an alternative contract has been agreed and signed, payment (in full) is made into the 1 Call ASAP (Accredited Services and Providers) bank:


Code 108809

Account 1088075932

Only once a satisfaction notice has been received from the agent or designated signatory, will payment be made to the relevant contractor. A sample can be viewed in the Satisfaction Notice section below.

The successful philosophy behind this procedure:

  • The funds are the contractor’s incentive to perform
  • The funds being held by a 1 Call ASAP as a third party offers security to both parties
  • The contractor carries the cost knowing that only quality workmanship will result in payment

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Project Referral Commissions:

The 1 Call competitive pricing structures allows realistic scope for referral commissions if required. Various options are available on the enquiry form including N/A not applicable.

We do not, however, recommend that the highest percentage option is requested for larger projects, as this may result in the landlords / owners rejection of the quotations.

We rely upon the agents’ discretion and initiative in this regard.

Suggested referral commissions if required:

Estimated job values Recommended %
Up to R 3,000.00 10%
R 3,001 – R 10,000 7.50%
R 10,001 -R 25,000 5%
Over R 25,000 2,5%

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Referred Agents Income:

When you refer other agents to utalise the 1 Call service package, we register them on our internal web based admin program as sub referrers of yours (under your profile). This way we can monitor their use of the system and reward you with R 25.00 for every project enquiry that they make.

E.g. Refer 10 agents who consistently request two enquiries every week – result R 2, 000 in your account every month. The income generated from these requests is irrespective of the enquiries turning into awarded jobs. However, please note that the conversion ratios from enquiry to awarded are monitored closely, an enquiry is defined as a genuine opportunity for one or more contractors to quote for work required.

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Referral Commission Payments:

As per the month end report provided by 1 Call, we require you to generate an (vat inclusive for registered entities) invoice to initiate your payment.

Download sample invoice

Referral commission payments are made electronically into an account of your choosing on or before the 10th day of the following month.

All agents will be responsible for their own tax considerations in this regard.

All commission information is treated as confidential.

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Project Fund Insurance:

All project funds deposited including referral commissions are protected against fraud, theft and loss, by means of a Directors and Officers Liability policy provided by AIG insurance.

Policy details are available upon request from

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Your Monthly Reports:

We provide reports containing full details of your work quoted, work in progress, completed projects and referral commissions due – examples below.

Project Referral Commission Report:

Agent: John Doe (Deer Property Group)
Date: 1 May – 31 May

Order id Customer Area Service Status Created Job Value Comm % Value
60933 Victor Flam Vlei Kitchen tiling Quoted 2013/05/13 15:12 R 7 200.00 7.50% R 540.00
58854 Surita Tableview Door hanging Quoted 2013/05/10 12:21 R 420.00 10.00% R 42.00
58820 Louise Big Bay Plumbing Completed 2013/05/10 14:01 R 980.00 10.00% R 98.00
57644 Stephen Tableview Waterproofing In progress 2013/05/08 09:54 R 3 800.00 10.00% R 380.00
55739 Siphamandla Blouberg Pool repairs Lost 2013/05/06 11:12 R 0.00 0.00% R 0.00
54387 Kurt Melkbos Electrical fault In progress 2013/05/03 11:52 R 550.00 10.00% R 55.00
54055 Karl S Set Beach Gate & automation Completed 2013/59/03 05:01 R 19 000.00 5.00% R 950.00
53646 Anthony Tableview Paint interior In progress 2013/05/03 14:00 R 4 050.00 10.00% R 405.00
53139 Ernest Tableview Glass & lock repair Completed 2013/05/02 15:06 R 390.00 10.00% R 39.00
52736 Patrick Blouberg Replace ceilings Quoted 2013/05/01 12:42 R 3 100.00 7.50% R 232.00
52734 Delaouise Tableview replace 2 x Toilet cistern Completed 2013/05/01 12:32 R 590.00 10.00% R 59.00
51804 Dane Sunningdale fit shower doors Lost 2013/04/29 10:40 R 0.00 0.00% R 0.00
50795 Louise Tableview Boundary wall build Completed 2013/04/26 13:14 R 42,000 5.00% R 2 100.00
50450 Victor West Beach Replace light fittings Quoted 2013/04/23 10:11 R 2 900.00 10.00% R 290.00
50449 Anthony Tableview Waterproofing Completed 2013/04/16 10:08 R 6 900.00 7.50% R 517.00
49328 Patrick Flam Vlei Supply & fit back gate In progress 2013/04/15 10:12 R 1 100.00 10.00% R 110.00
Total due R 3, 045.00
In progress R 950.00
Quoted R 1, 104.00

Sub-Agent Enquiry Referral Report:

Name Company Branch Total
Peter Remax T view 5
Janine Jawitz Blouberg 6
Kobus Rawsons Blouberg 3
Mohammed Real Net Melbos 9
Frank Just Letting T View 4
Elzanne Chas Everitt Parklands 7
Jaco Realty 24 T View 7
Johan Leapfrog Sea Point 0
Antoinette JHI Parklands 6
Hannes Pam Golding T view 5
Willem Sotheby’s Bothisag 7
Harriet ERA Blouberg 5
Total enquiries 64
Total income R 1,600

Site Assessment Income Report:

May – 2013
Site Assessments
Order ID Client Suburb Project Reports Value
54055 Karl Sun Set Beach Gate & Automation x1 R 175.00
50795 Louise Tableview Boundary wall x2 R 350.00
Total R 525.00

Referred Contractors Income Report:

May – 2013
Referred contractors
Company Name Contact number Province Area Work scope Income
All Round Handyman Billy 082 123 4567 W Cape N Suburbs Handyman R 250.00
Kitchen Re-modellers Johan 076 987 6543 W Cape City Bowl Kitchen renovations R 250.00
Alpha Gates Kobus 083 345 7890 PTA All areas Gates & Automation Pending Accreditation
Total due: R 500.00


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VAT Registration:

1 Call registration number: 4550255196

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Quote Negotiations:

Generally required for larger projects, we can liaise with the contractor regarding quote negotiations if you or your client considers a price to be too high. It is also important to ensure the scope of works is specified correctly and that all quotations are based on the same specifications.

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Contractor Insurance:

1 Call ASAP covers its entire data base of service providers by means of a contract works and liability insurance policy. Provided by Alexander Forbes, the Red Carpet Construct policy covers our contractors for various risks.

This policy includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Public liability – value of up to five million rand
  • Physical loss or damage to materials in transit or theft
  • Fire, lightening, water, storm, wind, hail, malicious damage etc.
  • Adjacent property

For more detailed policy information please contact Debbie –

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Once the job has been completed to satisfaction and the contractor payment has been authorised, 1 Call’s involvement in the project is complete. Extended guarantees that may be specified by the contractors (for services and or product) beyond the completion of works remains the sole responsibility of the independent contractor issuing the guarantee.

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1 Call has a BBB-EE rating of level 4 (certificate available upon request )

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Consumer Protection Act:

The Consumer Protection Act is very specific about the referrer supply chain. The Consumer Commission is currently gearing up to process and prosecute in instances where referrals have directly resulted in clients’ financial loss or dissatisfaction.

As with selling houses, if your general course of business is advising and assisting tenants or home owners, when it comes to contractor service delivery you will undeniably be in the chain, and subsequently liable for potential claims.


1 Call’s procedures almost entirely remove the risk off any potential liability.

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Satisfaction Notice:

Once the work has been completed, inspected and approved by the agent, it is imperative that the satisfaction notice is sent to 1 Call as soon as possible. Failure to provide any negative feedback or the satisfaction notice is not fair to the contractor and will result in 1 Call paying the contractor for work rendered after 7 calendar days of completion. In this instance 1 Call will make every effort to obtain feedback from both client and or occupant via email, telephone and sms.

This ‘failure to provide’ clause will be clarified on every quotation, so the landlord is aware of the potential risk.

Download Agent Satisfaction Report

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Medium to Larger


Medium Sized Projects

Project value’s R 20,000 – R 100,000

It is unrealistic to expect contractors to carry the entire cost of projects in this bracket, so the work and risk is broken down into phases which can be managed individually. Here we have an option for you to receive R 175.00 assessment fee for interim inspections of the work completed at each phase, including quality, progress and promptly forwarding your report to the 1 Call operation centre. If quality or progress is an issue, the contractor will not be paid for the specific phase until the breach is rectified. These projects are typically larger tiling jobs, wooden decks, kitchen and bathroom renovations, entertainment areas, pool installations, wrought iron gates and automation etc. where there is no specific technical skill requires to recognise a satisfactory result. Note: The final inspection / satisfaction report is not deemed as an assesement report. A sample assessment report is available below, 1 Call will provide assessors for agents who do not feel comfortable performing this role.

Download sample assessment report

Typical volume of assessments required:

R 20,000 – R 30,000 1 assessment required

R 31,000 – R 50,000 2 assessments required

R 51,000 – R 75,000 3 assessments required

R 76,000 – R 100,000 4 assessments required

Larger Sized Projects

Project values in excess of R 100,000

These projects typically involve alterations, extensions, and larger revamps renovations etc. Once again we divide the project into phases and progress payments which are assessed prior to authorisation however; these reports are provided by experienced building inspectors as they can become quite comprehensive and technical. We also assist in structuring the contract between client and contractor – a small project management fee is calculated and agreed upfront, on the merit of each of these jobs.

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Site Visits:

Larger jobs always require progress payments, which are supported by subsidised site visits from building assessors. Insured for professional indemnity these assessors report back on progress, quality and correct material usage. These written reports are supported by photographs and technical data, advising what funds are due to the contractor as progress is achieved. Failure to satisfy the assessor will result in the contractor completing outstanding works prior to draw or payment.

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Our Existing Clients:

Although all our agent information is confidential, we can provide a list of our corporate and insurance customers who utilise our services daily –

Hollard Insurance, Redi Solutions, Digicall assessing Solutions, First for Women, Alexander Forbes, Auto & General, Budget Insurance, Ooba, Broll Property Management, Dial Direct, International SOS, Virgin, First Assist, Global Choices, Lion of Africa, Megamaster, Permanent Trust, Etana Insurance Hippo and over two thousand general public clients monthly.

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Contractor Intro Commissions:

Due to the ever increasing volumes of agent enquiries, we are constantly looking to recruit more (quality) contractors, to avoid over extending our existing providers. We offer a R 250 referral commission for successfully accredited applicants, so please provide details of any reliable contractors you have existing relationships with as their integrity to deliver a quality service should be rewarded with consistent workflow.

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